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"I've known Renae for many years and highly recommend her. She's empathetic, compassionate, ethical, caring and meets you where you are to assist you where you strive to be. She's an incredible knowledgeable clinician!"                                  -D.W.

"Renae has a wealth of experience with people from all walks of life, and a deep respect for her clients that is evident in her work. She has great insight and always provides a safe, welcoming space to help you grow."                                       -J.N.

"Renae is an incredible therapist who has a deep understanding and passion for working with a wide range of people. She has great empathy and understanding for the needs of her clients and can help you find the skills you need to improve your wellbeing!"                                      -C.V.

"Renae is an outstanding therapist! I had the privilege of working with her, and as a therapist myself, I can say that Renae is one of the most knowledgeable clinician I know. She is very effective with her clients and knows how to care for their needs, She is empathetic, compassionate, knows her boundaries, and is very ethical. I've seen her use art therapy for clients who requires a different means of communication besides just talking, to realize their triggers or address their barriers to healing. Renae is an amazing person and was a real joy to work with! I highly recommend her!"                           -J.L.

"Renae is an excellent therapist.  I have worked with Renae for several years where I witnessed her genuine care and compassion for her clients.  Renae creates a safe and welcoming space to help clients work through their trauma, struggles and emotion.  Highly recommend!"                       -C.W.

"Renae is one of the most empathetic and caring people you will ever meet. Renae not only provides a listening ear, inviting you into conversation, but also intuitive and thought-provoking feedback that makes you want to become a better -- well, you. A more genuine you. I definitely would recommend Renae Johnson for therapy and mental health services."     -A.C.