Please note, due to COVID-19 all sessions are currently being held via video or phone. 

Therapy Services


Individual Therapy: I provide client centered individual talk and art therapy for adults 18+.  Our focus in therapy will be on the areas where you want to grow and and reach your personal goals. Each session is designed specifically to you and how you learn best, whether that's talking things through, finding new tools to apply in your relationships and daily life, or creating imagery and connecting to your body to understand yourself more fully.  We will work together to find the style that fits you best.  Want to know more? Call me for a free 20 minute consultation at 213-316-6964.

Somatic Focusing Sessions: I offer somatic Focusing sessions outside of ongoing therapy to assist you in growing an ongoing connection and communication with your body. I generally suggest 3 consecutive sessions to start, but do offer a single session, and short-term or long-term ongoing sessions. For more information about Focusing please visit The International Focusing Institute's webpage.

WPATH Gender Affirming Surgery Letters: There are two styles of letters required for meeting the WPATH standards of care.

1. One type is a letter from your psychotherapist for ongoing therapy services.

     • For this type of letter the duration of therapy treatment may vary due to
       insurance or surgeon's requirements.  Typically 6 weeks of consecutive therapy
       sessions is the minimum requirement. 

2. The other type of letter is from a licensed mental health professional who has completed an assessment with you to determine your diagnosis and readiness for surgery.

    • Surgery readiness assessments vary from 1-3 sessions and require supporting
      documents from other providers to be shared. 

    • An assessment is valid for 12 months, reassessments after this time are
      typically are session.

    • Each assessment includes surgery readiness letter within two weeks of the
      assessment meeting.

Emotional Support Animal Letters: To qualify to have an emotional support animal you are required to be assessed by a licensed mental health professional and found to have a mental health disability.

    • Assessments of this type can typically be completed in one session, but may take up to three sessions depending on the disability.

Clinical Supervision


I offer individual and group clinical supervision for mental health professionals working to obtain their national ATR-BC and California LPCC. I offer consultation for mental health professionals who are already licensed and board certified as well as counselors in non-profit agencies without master's level training.

Mental Health, Art Therapy, and Substance Use Trainings


I offer an array of mental health, art therapy, and substance use trainings for the staff of treatment agencies through out California.  These trainings are interactive and will actively engage your staff in relating the training material to their direct work with clients.  By the end of the trainings your staff will hold a deeper understanding of the training topic and how it relates to their clients.  Your staff will also learn new tools to implement in their professional practice to enhance their client centered treatment approach.  These trainings are geared for mental health and medical professionals working directly with clients.  The trainings range from one hour to two day-long retreat style events.

Corporate Workshops & Trainings

I offer an array of workshops for you team to enhance creativity, inspiration, and collaboration in the workplace that are specifically designed for your company and staff needs. 


I offer management and staff engagement trainings for treatment agency management teams from Chief Officers to first year Jr. Managers.  These trainings address honing in on your management style, change management, and developing your mental health staff professional growth.  The secondary focus and advanced management training target the management team's skillset to listen to your staff and implement inspirational change in the individual teams and agency wide. 

Holding Hands